synonyms: free time, spare time, time off

Experiencing art, listening to music, visiting museums, watching movies, learning about scientific discoveries, traveling to new places, and spending time with my family all help me relax and enjoy life.


Art refreshes me. Art museums and art galleries clear my mind and exicite my imagination. I hope to have a space dedicated to exploring painting and photography by the Fall of 2018. Until then, here are a few images that I have created.


Music inspires me. I enjoy particular songs and particular artists rather than whole genres of music. Lately I have been listening to Scandinavian artists. Click on the link below to listen to some music that I like.


Science fascinates me. I like reading about various aspects of evolution—especially human evolution. I also enjoy reading about discoveries in cosmology and physics. Nature is complex, strange and awe inspiring.


Discovering what fun and exciting activities a destination has to offer, and sharing them with family and friends, is important to me. Taking breaks from my everyday routines helps keep me sane.


Movies entertain me. Most of the movies I watch let me escape into worlds of fantasy and adventure for a couple of hours. Occasionally, the movies I watch deal with serious aspects of life.