Generativity is the desire to pass along what one has learned to younger generations with a hope that they find something useful in it. Older people often feel this desire. Time has finally brought me to an age where I feel it, too.

Of course, everything in this journal reflects my own mind, which has been shaped by my life experiences.

  • My mind has been shaped by the historical period into which I have been born.
  • My mind has been shaped by the places that I have visited and called home.
  • My mind has been shaped by the specific people that I have encountered and learned from.
  • My mind has been shaped by the genes and personality that I have inherited from my parents.

My mind contains the experiences of one individual and not an absolute, universal, or eternal “Truth.” My hope is that something you read in this journal will inspire you, encourage you, help you, or maybe give you a new perspective to consider.

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