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The American oligarchic class—the richest 5% of people in the United States—is one of the biggest obstacles to solving our social problems and preserving our freedoms. Resisting the harms done by the oligarchic class is love of country. Weakening the oligarchic class is protecting the rule of law, democracy, civil rights, and economic well-being for our country as a whole. We can resist and weaken the oligarchic class without the need for violence or revolution.

Oligarchy is Real and Prevalent

  • Oligarchy puts political and social power into the hands of a small percentage of people based on their acquisition of wealth.
  • Oligarchy has emerged in many societies throughout history and throughout the world (including the United States).

Oligarchy is Harmful and Dangerous

  • Oligarchy undermines democracy.
  • Oligarchy hoards the wealth that is needed to maintain healthy societies.
  • Oligarchy can enlist mass media for its own propaganda because it owns mass media.
  • Oligarchy can enlist police and military forces in its own defense because it has so much influence over politicians (who have direct control over police and military forces).
  • Oligarchy will enlist the help of fascists if it feels threatened.

Oligarchy Can be Stopped

  • Oligarchy does not have a legitimate claim to political or social power.
  • Oligarchy can be resisted and greatly weakened through nonviolent means.
  • Oligarchy can be stopped by whatever means necessary if it attempts to overthrow a constitutional democracy or if it violates human or civil rights.

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